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Does Gellyball hurt?

Gellyball can feel like a raindrop or a hard flick depending on the distance and clothing worn. For younger kids a sweatshirt will make this a pain free experience. Gellyball will not leave bruises!

What does gameplay look like?

This is the best part of our parties. We have tons of game modes to keep the party fun and engaging. Modes include:
Capture The flag, Speed Duals, Protect the President, Battle Royale, Search and Destroy, Point Battle.

Do you organize and run the games?

Yes! We have highly trained staff that bring great energy and safety to our games. The coaches will run your group through multiple game modes and even referee the games!

Is Gellyball safe?

Gellyball when played appropriately is incredibly safe. The masks cover the entire face and Gellyballs will not leave bruises like paintball does. Our Coaches/Referees are trained in safe game play!

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